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Dr Rajath Athreya is a senior consultant nationally renowned for his expertise in neonatology and paediatrics. He has two decades of experience. He is an astute clinician and a friendly paediatrician trusted by thousands of parents.

He qualified with MD in paediatrics from Bangalore with an illustrious academic record. He moved to the UK for further training. He worked in the UK for a decade and was a consultant in one of the busiest University hospitals in London before returning to India. Dr Rajath established an advanced neonatal unit (level IIIA) and pioneered neonatal transport services at Rainbow Children’s Hospital,  Bengaluru, where he was the lead neonatologist and programme director for postgraduate fellowship courses.

Dr. Rajath Athreya

Leading Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist

I am privileged to be a paediatrician and ensure the health and well-being of children. Patiently hearing out a parent’s concern and years of experience working in various settings - outpatient clinics to intensive care units enables me to do the best. 

Reassurance and patience are the two ‘medications’ I tend to prescribe more than any other. I believe that being family centred, child friendly and working along with parents as a team has always ensured good outcomes. 

Dr. Rajath Athreya

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Paediatric Services

Dr Rajath Athreya offers a range of paediatric services.  


Neonatology pertains to the baby’s first month of life. Ironically the first minute, the first hour, first day and the first month of a newborn’s life is the most vulnerable time.

There are two aspects to this - 1. Sick or premature babies needing ICU care 2. General health and well being of a newborn in the first month.

Dr. Rajath Athreya has a wealth of experience in management of all aspects of Neonatology from looking after extremely premature infants to managing newborns needing complex surgeries. While intensive care for these babies are provided in ICU settings, follow-up in outpatient clinics is equally important to keep them healthy.

Healthy babies have many issues that need attention in first month of life, services provided in OPD include: Full newborn check, issues with feeding and sleeping patterns, infantile colic, skin problems, counselling and follow up of any abnormalities detected in pregnancy scans and parenting guidance

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Well Baby Clinic

Young infants need regular follow up. This is the period where growth and development is at its fastest pace. Health Surveillance, guidance for parents to tackle minor ailments at home, regular immunisations, help with nutrition and diet advice, promoting emotional well being, accident/injury prevention and advice about age wise activities to ensure child’s optimal development.
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Terrible twos and troublesome threes: This is the age when kids are mobile, catch infections, are prone to injuries and are balancing their emotions and encountering parental expectations.

Common issues: Repeated colds and fevers, minor injuries, tantrums, toilet training, concerns about walking, talking, learning and behaviour, fussy eating, growth faltering, unhealthy weight (Under and overweight) and continued need for monitoring health and regular immunisations need to be regularly addressed.

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Continued surveillance needed for health and growth: How ready is the child for formal schools? Pre-school health checks, annual health appraisals, monitoring of growth and weight gain, addressing minor ailments, concerns about bowel and bladder control, bedwetting, frequent colds and infections and guidance on physical activity and screen time.
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Growing Years

The wonder years of childhood: Fewer visits needed but a once in six months health appraisal, minor illnesses, allergies and asthma, seasonal flu and infections, booster doses of vaccines and addressing any behavioural concerns are very important
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Teenage is the twilight zone and the young person now has unique issues: Awareness about body image, health and lifestyle issues: Screen time, physical activity, unhealthy weight, unhealthy dietary habits and so on. Pubertal changes: Early or delay in puberty and growth, psychosocial issues, growth spurt and nutritional advice, safe space to discuss personal issues, ability to take control of their own health
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Child with Allergy

Allergy and Asthma

There is an ever increasing trend in allergy and asthma in children. However, a lot of anxiety and misconception leads to either unnecessary restrictions on one hand and under-treatment and ill-health on the other. A detailed assessment and personalised plan to manage these conditions will be carried out.
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Prenatal Counselling

Many couples when expecting a child will need expert counselling by a neonatologist: Issues with previous baby, antenatal scans showing anomalies, hereditary conditions, pregnancy scans showing growth restriction of foetus and risk of premature delivery
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Couple counselling
Child Immunisation

Immunisation Services

Vaccines prevent life threatening infections and have to be administered in a timely fashion. Indian Academy of Paediatrics recommended schedule is followed and options of various available vaccines are discussed. Vaccines have to be maintained in ‘cold-chain’ and administered properly for them to be effective. Some minor side effects which are short-lived are common and parents need to know how to address those.
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Behavioural & Developmental Paediatrics

Childhood development and behaviour is a spectrum. Many a time parents are concerned about things that are temporary and age appropriate (like tantrums). Early childhood is also the time when we pick up specific issues like speech delay, autism, ADHD and other variations in development and communication skills. Services offered: Screening, assessment and coordinating appropriate therapy services
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Child Behaviour

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Dr. Rajath Athreya Consults at the below location

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Rainbow Children's Hospital

Monday - Saturday / Time : 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
For Appointments Call # +91 - 80 - 62261218
Rainbow Children's Hospital, 3/4, Sarjapur Road-Marathahalli Road, Ambalipura Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

Prudent Health Specialty Clinics

Monday - Saturday / Time : 6 pm to 8 pm
For Appointments Call # +91 - 96639 39008
Prudent Health specialty clinics
1st floor, 2565, 13th cross, 27th main, Sector 1 HSR layout, Bangalore 560102


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For Appointments - Call +919663939008

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